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Our Oil Mill

Jörg Hector and Patric Bies run the Bliesgau Oil Mill. Since 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of rare oil plants locally and to making flavoursome oils from them.
But we go back much further than this. Patric Bies got interested in camelina oil, also known as the ‘oil of the Celts’ well before the millennium and rediscovered it for the German cuisine. In 2002, Jörg Hector started to develop the Bliesgau Oil brand, specialising in fine spice and herb oils from the area that later became known as the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Our joint aim is to spark new ideas in our local farming community with an emphasis on top quality and culinary pleasure, and emphasising the link between fine dining and farming. We initiated the Flax Blossom Festival, which takes place every year in July at the historic Wern Oil Mill in Ottweiler and is unique in Europe, and the Bliesgau Walnut Festival in the idyllic Mandelbachtal.

We would love to welcome you at our picturesque oil mill high above the Bliesgau. From here you can see as far as the Vosges hills, or you might want to use it as your starting point for a hike along Oil Trails to neighbouring France.

Our commercial activities include growing pulses, processing mustard seeds, producing and selling spice oils and cider vinegars, as well as selling high-quality animal feeds and oil seeds.

Eine Illustration der Ölgewinnung

Regional without borders

Our Products

Even more than sun and water, the ‘terroir’ of the Bliesgau with its limestone and upper Bunter sandstone landscapes determines the quality of our oils, giving them a unique character. Both have their roots in the same ground, literally.

A quality you can experience with all your senses.

Quality starts in the field

The Producers

Oilseed cultivation has a long tradition in the Saarland region of Germany. Farmers have been growing oilseed crops along the Saar and Blies rivers for centuries. The local oil mills turned flax, poppy, camelina, rape and other seeds into delicious oils. Today, we still get our oilseeds from our own Gut Hartungshof and our farming friends in the region. Some of the seeds are grown conventionally because our robust crops need hardly any protection, all the others are organic.

For the past 15 years, we have also pioneered mixed cropping in Germany. This is the most environmentally sound way of plant cultivation and involves growing oilseed crops, such as camelina, together with lentils or cereal crops.

Once dried and cleaned, the seeds are cold-pressed, i.e. at less than 40°C. The oil then needs to be ‘clarified’. We do that by simply allowing impurities to settle at the bottom before the oil is carefully decanted into dark glass bottles or earthenware jugs. We deliberately refrain from any other processes, such as refining, steaming or bleaching for instance.

Impressionen der Bliesgau Ölmühle
Impressionen der Bliesgau ÖlmühleImpressionen der Bliesgau Ölmühle

Bliesgau Ölmühle • Gut Hartungshof • Bliesransbach

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